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Mother Daughter Songs | Best Honor to Mom

Mother Daughter Songs | Best Honor to Mom

Mother daughter song is the best tribute to mom in your wedding party. This is the best honor to have a dance with your wonderful mom that will bring tears ahead. The resonant of the relationship between mother and daughter, the vibrant with all the anger, joy, compassion and love creates the powerful bond in this world with the influences in the ways we may not even realize.

When a girl is young, mom is the most impressive model for her. How a girl sees herself in the future, how will be the relationship with partners, own children, is profoundly influenced by her relationship with her own mother. In teenage age, a mom can be a best friend. They go shopping together, watch movie together, and make cakes together, or just stay at home and chatting together. The bond between a daughter and mom always turn to one of best of friendship forever.

Mother Daughter Songs

Mother Daughter Songs Playlist

The ultimate mother daughter song to dance with your mom in your wedding party for this unique relationship of love can be selected from a beautiful slow ballad or a song with literally meaningful lyrics. Special warning to those tear-jerker, plan the dance for later on in the reception is the best arrangement of all. Make sure all the pictures have already been taken to avoid any surprising scene with the run out of makeup and mascara. You may have to keep that in mind when you see those pictures!

Simple playlist for your desire:

Barbie Bandaids – The Isaacs

Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?-Elton John

Child Of Mine-Carole King

Every Mother’s Dream – Wedding Music

Good Mother – Jann Arden

I Love You Mom – Candace (Phineas & Ferb)

I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston

In My Life-Beatles

I’ll Be – Reba McEntire

Mama – Il Divo

Mother & Daughter March (Instrumental) – Julie Andrews

My Mother – Malia Elliott

My Mother’s Eyes – Bette Midler

Oh Mother – Christina Aguilera

Side By Side – Kay Starr

Slipping Through My Fingers – Mamma Mia (Broadway Cast)

Superwoman – Alicia Keys

She’s Everything-Brad Paisley

Thank You Mom – Good Charlotte

The Best Day – Taylor Swift

To Be A Woman – Wedding Music

You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

This definitely will leave a lasting memory for your mom long after the wedding day celebration. This will be a big and special day for you and your mom once in a life time. “Mama” by Il Divo is saying thanks and asking the forgiveness from mom. “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys praise mother as a superwomen, “Thank You Mom” by Good Charlotte express the love and thanks to mom. These are some popular and meaningful mother daughter songs for your choice on your wedding.

Sweet Love Songs | Best Songs Every Girl Like

Sweet Love Songs | Best Songs Every Girl Like

Sweet love songs

Taylor Swift sings what girls want to say and Bruno Mars sings what girls like to listen. This is so true about these 2 popular pop stars. What a girl wants, what a girl needs? These maybe a complicated question that guy very hard to understand. The book written by John Gray, a personal relationship counselor, states the different within a man and a woman with the good description that saying man is from planet Mars and woman is from planet Venus.

Why girls like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars? This is because their songs are full of meaning express by the wonderful lovely lyrics. Girls never feel bored with listening to them. Their lyrics are touching to the heart of girl and woman. They are singing the story of love with full of emotion and sentiment. Guys may try to listen to Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to understand what a girl wants. Get enlighten from the lyrics and understand how to give to best at your lovely girl or wife. They are singing what a girl wants and how is the emotion and reaction from a girl when she in love with a guy.

Sweet Love Songs for Your Girl

There are cheering songs that everyone enjoy but there are also sad songs that really touching and bring tears to your eyes.
Here would like to dedicate the list of songs to you, your love and everyone in this planet Earth.

The best of Taylor Swift:
1) Love Story
2) You belong with me
3) I knew you were trouble
4) Enchanted
5) Mean
6) We are never ever getting back together
7) Back to December
8) Teardrops on my guitar
9) Mine
10) White horse

The best of Bruno Mars:
1) Treasure
2) When I was your man
3) Grenade
4) Just the way you are
5) Marry you
6) Locked out of heaven
7) Nothing on you
8) Count on me
9) Long Distance
10) Runaway

Love is sweet and sometimes may bring tears too. All of these touching and lovely songs and lyrics may make you think of many things. Everyone does mistake and we should learn how to cherish the one we love. The magic of love is always around us. Do enjoy these sweet love songs and I swear you will not feel bored to listen again and again.